Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Invented The Mullet?

Photo of Ziggy Stardust mullet hairstyle
Ziggy Stardust mullet hairstyle

When I was beginning to think it was only women who fuss about their hair I stumbled upon an interesting article on who invented the mullet. Unless you did not know this mullet is a somewhat legendary hairstyle consisting of locks of long hair flowing from the back of ones head right down the spine. This might appear to be Rastafarian hairstyle and it is quite easy to believe it is. However, it is not actually that and is completely different. Find out more about the mullet in this article.

Before 1950 this style was really ordinary, with very few people emerging from their secrecy to unleash a tumultuous avenging of common societal fashion trends. But after Ziggy Stardust and David Bowie appeared in the celebrity limelight things changed almost instantly. Therefore this is very hard to determine who actually started it since people only knew about it after having been captivated by these two celebrities in the 1960 and 1970s.

After the 1960s this hairstyle blossomed at a rate so alarming that flowers got jealous. The very first experimental stage led to an increased number of celebrities taking this style head on. Florence Henderson became one of the very first women to try it out and ever since then it has been regarded as unisex style, something that is somewhat normal these days ever since the era of gender rights activism.

Later on in the 1980s and 90s this style really became popular. At such a time people actually developed the style and made it bigger. Even actors caught onto the buzz and began to appear of television with your good old mullet. Such actors include Mel Gibson, Hulk Hogan and Patrick Swayze. Ever since then things have never been the same again.

If you are looking to diversify your appearance then this mullet is an excellent choice.

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