Thursday, July 15, 2010

How To Grow A Mullet

Photo of David Hasselhoff mullet hairstyle
David Hasselhoff mullet hairstyle

Do you want to grow a mullet? If so you are not alone, it is a hairstyle that is now coming back into fashion. Originally the look was made popular in the 1980s thanks to entertainers such as Billy Ray Cyrus and David Hasselhoff, for a while it was not thought of being so cool, but now it is once again all the rage.

To start with, to get the look you will need medium to long hair. You probably already are aware that the look includes hair which is lengthy at the back and short on the top and at the front and sides. It is possible to create the style yourself, though for the best results it can pay to visit a hair salon and let the professionals craft the appearance.

There are a number of variations on the look that you may want to experiment with. For example you can combine the mullet with a mohawk or corn rows to really stand out from the crowd. If you hair is not long enough for a mullet then there is also the option of having extensions added to your hair to get the desired appearance in almost no time at all. You may even want to add color to your hair for a look that really turns heads.

Think about whether you want a curly mullet or a straight one. This would not only depend upon the way your hair is naturally but also your lifestyle and interests. Maintaining a mullet once it has been cut is actually not that hard. All that is really required is to keep the front and sides trimmed on a regular basis.

Remember that if you ever feel you want to hide your mullet away for a particular appointment or event then it can be done easily with a hair band.

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