Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Femullet And Kristen Stewart Mullet

Photo of Kristen Stewart Mullet
Kristen Stewart mullet

The 80s saw many female rock stars sporting mullets and more recently we saw the kristen stewart mullet. The recent emo and scene trends allowed us to look back at these styles and reinvent them into something brand-new. The femullet is edgy and sexy version of the male version sported by country musicians such as Billy Ray Cyrus.

A mullet is ideal for those with a round shaped face, or those who want to accentuate their cheekbones or eyes as prominent features. It also creates the illusion of a longer neck.

The mullet is shorter at the top than in the back and can be worn wavy and wild, cascading and curly, or straight and spiky. The only criterion is that the back is longer than the front.

This haircut looks great no matter what the color. In a stark black, with the angular ends framing your face, it can really enhance thin features. The Japanese manga influence is quite evident in this style. A big difference between the short and long layers brings about an interesting look, especially when you use a flat iron.

Picture of Kristen Stewart Mullet
Kristen Stewart mullet haircut

Short upward layers and long layers that are asymmetrical, create an unplugged look. Alternatively, longer layers at the front create a more elongated look for your face. You can also play around with the scene look by combing the longer layers forward.

Image of Kristen Stewart mullet style
Kristen Stewart mullet style

For a young, messy look, you could cut your hair into choppy layers that will frame your face. This looks great in a platinum blond with dark, smoky make up.

One of the benefits of a femullet is that you can really play around with your hair color, contrasts and texture. This is one style where you may use very light and very dark coloring together and it will turn out looking great. Alternatively, you can use one color, as the stylist did with kristen stewart mullet.

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