Saturday, May 29, 2010

John Stamos Mullet Hairstyle Remains Popular

Photo of John Stamos Mullet
John Stamos Mullet Hairstyle

Members of the public often love to emulate the looks of their favorite film stars or sports stars. The John Stamos mullet hairstyle is one that many people love to copy. Other famous people sport this look that is being copied by fans across the world.

The mullet style hails back to the sixty's era when Tom Jones was the first person credited with sporting this look. Billy Ray Cyrus stepped up to the plate in 1980 where he continued with this look until 1990. Mullets incorporate two styles; these are the ponytail and classic mullet styles.

Sean Paul uses cornrows in his mullet. Other styles include the long hair at the back being tied into a ponytail or braided. The nicest thing about this hairstyle is that it requires very little maintenance. It can also be concealed for times when long hair at the back is inappropriate.

For variety, you can taper your mullet. Some like to create a Mohawk on the top of the head. Other simply grow the hair in this region. People who like the frazzled look will use styling products in order to achieve this style. Often in the past people would have the sides layered. Some who like the puffy upped look on the sides would use hair spray to achieve this look.

Business people are able to hide longer locks for times that this is necessary. The hair at the back is tied into a ponytail and inserted into a ponytail holder. The ponytail holder is then tucked into the shirt.

Picture of John Stamos mullet
John Stamos mullet haircut

If you want a rat tail at the back then have the hair layered or tampered. To qualify for a mullet hairstyle the hair on top of the head must be shorter than at the back. The length is irrelevant. Many stars in the entertainment field wear this look. Ordinary people love to copy the John Stamos mullet hairstyle. Other super stars that sport this style are, David Bowie and Paul McCartney. It is clear that this hairstyle is certainly popular.

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