Thursday, August 12, 2010

Which Types Of Mullets Are Right For You?

The mullet is an important piece of cultural heritage. Many will look at the mullet and just chuckle, but fact is: The native Americans had braids and mohawks, African warriors have tribal paint, and folks from the American south have the mullet. It's who you are, be proud of all types of mullets.

The mullet encompasses both aspects of the good ol' boy image. When you're walking towards someone, they'll say to themselves "Wow, this guy's all business". As you're leaving, though, they'll say "But man, I guess he knows how to party..."

So which mullet is right for you? Read on and find out...

The Traditional Mullet

Image of traditional mullet
Flattop mullet

The most common mullet is simply the flat top with the long, straight hair in the back. To get this mullet, just get out the buzz clippers and trim the sides and the top till it looks good. This mullet is great for pretty much anyone, but it looks especially distinctive with lighter blond hair colors.

The Billy Ray Cyrus
Picture of Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet
Billy Ray Cyrus mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet became synonymous with the song itself, Achey Breaky Heart. You probably remember it as getting more and more whimsical every time he came out. One time he might have adorned it with a rat tail, another with some braids and beads. The consistent elements, though, were the slightly shaggy look and the sense of imagination when it comes to decorating and styling it.

The Snake Plissken
Photo of snake plissken
Snake Plissken

Snake Plissken's mullet blurred the line between the mullet and "hippie hair". This represented that he was, above all else, an All American character, but that he had grown disillusioned with the American government. This style looks great on just about anyone, and represents a cool, detached, healthy American cynicism, but it looks best on someone who can back it up, someone with martial arts training or some twenty four inch biceps.


  1. Hi Aaron,

    I work for a television production company called Real Life and we make some of the short films broadcast within BBC1's The One Show on weeknights at 7pm. We're actually making a series of these films about iconic haircuts of the twentieth century - one of which will be about the mullet.

    I am looking for a mullet expert/enthusiast and would love to speak to you if you are interested. Please let me know at

    Many thanks,

    Carla Wright
    Associate Producer
    The One Show

  2. My Biology teacher is 32, well built, 5'8". Through-out his teaching career, he has kept a good record, no anomolous test results, but along with this, he has a dirty, blonde, stenchy, greasy MULLET. Me and my class-mates have attempted to cut this dangly useless peice of hair, but all attempts have been futile. We have attempted to 'bully' him for this embarrassing choice of lifestyle, yet he returns every lesson with the same fucking haircut. We come to you as innocent students seeking a well mannered teacher with a normal haircut, can anybody help us??